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LSSSP Lean Modular Exam Overview and Structure

This online Lean modular exam is conducted by Lean Six Sigma Society of Professionalswww.lsssp.org. Upon successful completion of this exam, you shall be awarded a Knowledge Certificate (Statement of Knowledge) leading to a Partial Certification of this Lean Module.

This Partial Certification is a pathway to the Full Certification of this module, whereby you need to successfully complete your Skills Certification of this module.

Lean Six Sigma Society of Professionals (LSSSP) is a Lean and Six Sigma global certifying body. LSSSP conducts certifications in line with Lean and Six Sigma standards originally laid down by Motorola University.

Please complete this timed 30-minute online exam consisting of 15 randomly selected questions. You need to score a minimum of 75% in order to be successful. 

Once you click on the exam link, it would show a pop-up box asking for your confirmation to start your exam. Once confirmed, the exam timer starts the countdown and you cannot stop or pause the exam. You have to complete this exam in one single sitting. Should you logout, the exam timer will still continue the countdown. The exam will auto-submit on time completion or you can self-submit. You have been provided with a total of 2 attempts keeping in mind the technical or internet issues some of you could face. 

Please note: Should you be unsuccessful in your 1st attempt on the examination, don’t worry; you have another attempt available! Though before you jump back on board with your 2nd attempt we like to inform you that our data shows that 78% of learners attempting their 2nd attempt straight after their 1st will not be successful. 

We suggest you complete the following first and sleep on it (Yes sleeping on it is scientifically proven to  increase your learning capacity), get in touch with your Coach to discuss your exam review and areas of knowledge improvement, re-learn the topic again and then continue with your final attempt.

Should you be unsuccessful in all your attempts, you shall need to contact support@lsssp.org and discuss your re-enrolment and other options.