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LSSSP Lean Modular Skill Assessment Overview and Structure

This online Lean modular Skill Assessment is conducted by Lean Six Sigma Society of Professionalswww.lsssp.org. Upon successful completion of this assessment, you shall be awarded a Skills Certification (“Certification of Skills”) leading to the Full Certification of this Lean Module.

In order to validate your skills of this module, you are required to demonstrate a deep understanding of this module by way of application of skills and knowledge.

If you have opted for a Coach / Mentor, you will be coached and initial assessed by your allocated Lean Coach according to the assessment criteria (available in the materials section once you enrol). Your coach will also provide you with support, address any questions or difficulties in completing this assessment.

The final assessment shall be done by the LSSSP lead auditors / assessors based on your assignment(s) & assessment criteria as well as the initial assessment report as submitted by your coach and mentor (not mandatory).

This Full Certification is a pathway to the various Lean Course Certifications leading to The Lean Program. The Lean Program is a suite of following levels of Lean Courses: Lean Champion, Lean Practitioner, Lean Expert and Lean Master.

Lean Six Sigma Society of Professionals (LSSSP) is a Lean and Six Sigma global certifying body. LSSSP conducts certifications in line with Lean and Six Sigma standards originally laid down by Motorola University.

Please check all the assessment criteria for this module.

Should you be unsuccessful in your assessment, you shall need to contact support@lsssp.org and discuss your re-enrolment and other options.